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Information for Advanced Open Water Students
Here's what to expect on your trip

Get ready for some sun, sand, and excitement! We will discuss travel arrangements prior to our trip. If you are driving or flying in, be well rested as your class may commence shortly after arrival. Be aware that if you are booking a flight out of the travel destination you will require a minimum of 18 hours no-fly time before getting on that plane to go home. Discuss for your planned dive activities with me before booking tickets.


What to bring

Bring what you would expect for a holiday at the beach. Bring lots of suncreen. I recommend buying reef safe environmentaly safe sunscreen as regular suncreen may damage coral life.

Food is usually abundant at the destination. Some packages are inclusive of food, some are not. For those which are not, bring enough money for meals.

If you have not completed theory prior to your trip, bring along your learning materials.

Hired dive equipment will be provided, however you are encouraged to look into buying some or all of the equipment. I will provide you with advice and recommendations if you wish to purchase equipment. Depending on travel arrangements, the hired set will be given to you prior to departure. Check the contents. That set will be yours to use for the duration fo the course, so take good care of it and bring it along with you. 

Below are some forms which you have to fill prior to your course. If you have not done so already, or have been instructed to obtain these forms, download them here and print and fill them. If you have any doubts or require explanation, please do not hesitate to contact me.

PADI 潛水探險課程
我们会在正式出海之前与你安排旅程的事。也请您在之前一定要有足够的休息 。 如果您是程搭飞机的话,请给予你旅程里的最后一潜后至少18小时免飞时间。当然如果允许的话,在你预订机票之前,让我们一起安排你的行程。 




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